Should I have a website for my small business?

In today’s day and age, with everyone being on some form of device that accesses the internet, its a no-brainer for a small business (especially, one that is starting up) to get an an online presence for their business. Having a website for your business has a multitude of beneficial factors.

Creating an online presence is one of the top priority’s, as a small business. Not only do you want to network your personal connections and use “word of mouth” as a form of getting your name out there. You also want local and sometimes non-local visitors to learn more and inquire about your services. 

Building trust and credibility is the number 1 way to attract more business. Forbes also recorded 71% of businesses have a company website and with more consumers wanting to empower themselves with the knowledge and understanding of your services before reaching out. It’s important to have the option accessible to them, via a website. 

Getting recognized by google is one of the key ways to getting more traffic to your website. There are primarily two ways to get noticed by and on Google. One way is through Google Ads (Or PPC; Pay-Per-Click). The second way to get recognized on Google is by utilizing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) We recommend RankMath for it’s simplicity and amazing ability to utilize various Modules to further hone your website’s SEO structure.

Utilizing your social media outlets with your company website is a fantastic combination to get more traffic to your business. Not only does social media allow you to connect with those nearby, it also allows you to showcase your company and it’s services to various local communities nearby. But remember; As we mentioned above, structuring your SEO is very important if you want your website to be considered “Relevant” and placed on Google’s 1st search results.

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" As of 2023, roughly 71% percent of businesses have a website "

Now that number seems like a lot, and it is. Not only that, as the years and technology advance, more business owners rely on their company’s website to demonstrate a bit of credibility before they reach out. In fact, 71% of business owners understand that very concept and utilize a website to gain advantage over their competitor, provide informational topics relative to their business (SEO loves this), showcase company work , client reviews, and company achievements while also creating a point of contact for customers to inquire about their services.

" 48% of people say that a website is the #1 way to determine a business's credibility "

But I advertise on social media, isn’t that enough? It’s a great start. Advertising on social media allows you to “vibe with” (get to know) your community and communities around you. It also gives you the opportunity to reach out to these communities and advertise your services. Social Media tools like Facebook and Instagram are an amazing and useful tool for companies, especially small businesses. But in 2024. 48% of people said that a website was the number 1 way that they determine the credibility of a business, and that number also continues to grow throughout the year.

Many fields of business benefit from having a website, but there are also companies who rely heavily on websites. EX: Schools, Tax companies, Nail Salons (There’s so many of them), Insurance companies, etc.). These companies focus on creating & updating website content related to their respective company website throughout the year.

The answer to the question “Should I have a website for my small business? Yes; It is strongly recommended that you get a true online presence for your company, not just the social media part but use a website to maximize that social media tool (After people view your company profile, the next thing they are wanting to go to is? you guessed it, your website). Not sure where to start? Rather then dive into the deep hole of finding a hosting provider, getting a domain, setting up emails, installing WordPress, the headache. Check out NventSolution. We offer a hosting solution that comes with our own amazing twist. When you host with us, you get a bunch of great things (to put it simple)


  • Registering a domain with us allows NventSolution to utilize our partnership with One Tree Planted, resulting in a tree being planted in your name (what’s not to like about helping the environment, plus you’re doing it digitally).
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  • Hosting with us guarantees your website runs on Renewable energy (Also helping the environment, now x2!)
  • Cancel anytime; We are a month-to-month service.

The Best Part: We take care of your hosting. Not just the super technical details that keep your hosting going. But also everything you would normally have to deal with if you went with GoDaddy, Bluehost, HostMonster, etc. Registering your domain? (you can do that during checkout), installing WordPress to your new domain (or sub-domain) we take care of it. Setting up, and troubleshooting domain email address?? YES! We take care of it all.

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